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Sesc Passo d'Areia

Nominated for Best Architecture Graduation Project

in Latin America at the Arquisur Prize (Rosario-AR) ​

The Sesc Passo d’Areia Project offers an alternative development proposal for the area of ​​the former Hércules S/A complex, the last of the large industrial parks that characterized the Northern Zone of the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil) in the 1950s.

The project suggests the requalification of this industrial complex and the maintenance of its identity through the installation of a leisure, cultural and sports center to serve the region’s residents and workers.

The new Sesc Passo d’Areia buildings were designed in reinforced concrete molded in locus. They replace part of the complex that would have to be demolished due to their compromised structures. 

However, since the dismantling of a significant part of the complex would mean not only the material destruction of the buildings but the disappearance of the references and the meaning of the complex, the design proposal aims to collect and recompose the old structure as a sign.


The composition of the outer perimeter of the new complex is made up of the disordered fragments of the ruins of the old industrial park, supported by the reordering form of gabions made of wire mesh. The facades are thus not only a memorial of the lost past, but a reminder of the constant destruction of the identity of these suburban sites.


Gabriel Pozzobom


Porto Alegre, Brazil


30.324 m²



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