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Gabriel Pozzobom holds a master's degree in Architecture and specializes in concepts for homes and the hospitality industry. With 10 years of practice in construction, he has experience in the creative development of architectural designs as well as technical assistance for project execution. 

His works merge aesthetic and economic issues to create atmospheres that connect people and spaces. Each design is handcrafted and features accurate finishings and materials, as well as a profound respect for the particularities of the clients and the project's context. 



Nominated. Edifício do Ano 2023 – Boa Vista House. Archdaily (Brazil), March 2023.

Nominated. Building of the Year 2023 – Boa Vista House. Archdaily (US), February 2023.

Finalist. Best Architecture Graduation Project in Latin America – Sesc Passo d'Areia. Arquisur Prize (Argentina), February 2018.


The experience when hiring Gabriel could not have been better: a talented, detail-oriented, and extremely competent professional, with a modern vision and whose project knew how to understand the client's needs. The concern with the sustainability and aesthetics of the environment is also one of the characteristics of his work.

Flavio Rogerio da Silveira

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