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Boa Vista House

Nominated for the Building of the Year Award by ArchDaily

The Boa Vista House is a refuge in the countryside made of raw materials: stone, wood, clay and fair-faced concrete. Located on sloping north-facing land, the house was designed according to the client's wishes: a rustic home entirely connected to the landscape, well lit, and at the same time protected from heat and excessive sunshine.

Its facade is marked by a large slab and by its large openings facing east. In order to provide all the rooms with the best views, its plan is comprised of two bars – semiprivate and social – that cross each other. Together with the shed and the stone walls around it, the house projects a perfect square on the ground; a shape that is not found in nature and that contrasts with the surrounding natural landscape.


Gabriel Pozzobom, Vitória Spohr


Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Brazil




2017 - 2019

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